House Rewiring

Alert Electrical provides clients with a complete domestic property rewiring service.
Many Dublin homes are fitted with old, out of date wiring that isn’t suitable for the electricity demands of the modern household.
In more extreme cases out of date or faulty wiring can cause house fires.

Faulty wiring remains one of the leading causes of house fires and as such wiring should be regularly checked and old wires should be replaced.
Our house rewiring service offers clients fast, efficient and cost-effective house rewiring, designed to ensure your electrical system, is efficient, fit for purpose and safe.

For additional information on our domestic rewiring service, get in contact with Alert Electrical today.

Does your home require rewiring? Alert Electrical provides fast, reliable and cost-effective house rewiring in the Dublin area.

Free Inspection

During call outs, we offer clients a free inspection service. Using the very latest non-invasive diagnostic equipment we can quickly identify problem areas.
At the end of our inspection, we offer clients a full, frank report on their household wiring. In cases where issues have been identified, we can offer a range of solutions to ensure our client’s electrical systems are efficient, fit for purpose and safe.
Our team can also implement any necessary wiring; suggesting upgrades or fuse board replacements.

Is the wiring in your domestic property not fit for purpose? Then get in contact with Alert Electrical today.

House Rewiring FAQ

  • How do I know if I need an electrical house rewiring?

    A few tell-tale signs that your home needs electrical rewiring include:
    - A recurring burning smell.
    - Discoloured or scorched sockets
    - Issue with a fuse repeatable blowing
    - Lights that flicker or dim
    - Hanging sockets
    - Electrical Shocks

  • How much does electrical house rewiring cost?

    This depends on the size of the property and the age of the current wiring. Older wiring will likely need to be completely replaced, while only certain components of a newer system may need to be changed, these differences need to be factored into the price.

    Alert Electrical offers very competitive prices on all types of house rewiring, and we encourage you to get in contact with us for a quote.

  • How long does electrical house rewiring take?

    Unfortunately, electrical house rewiring is quite a big job that may require the lifting and removal of carpets or flooring, channels may need to be cut into walls to access wiring. While an electrical house rewiring job is being completed the power in a property will need to be turned off.

    Before beginning an electrical house rewiring project, our electricians will outline the project timeline for you, the time it takes will vary depending on the size of the house and the current state of the electrical system.

  • How do I know if my house needs electrical house rewiring?

    One of the easiest ways to know if your house needs electrical rewiring is to hire an electrician. If your house was built more than 25 years ago, the wiring in the property is in all likelihood out-of-date or beginning to break down. Another sign that your house wiring is no longer fit for purpose is if your circuit breakers trip regularly.

    Some other common signs include

    - Dimming or flickering lights

    - Mild Shocks from switches and power sockets

    - Signs of damaged wiring

    - Exposed wiring

  • For an average-sized house, how long does a house rewiring take?

    Depending on the expected complexity of the house rewiring, it could take anywhere from 5-7 days to complete the service. Before we begin any of our rewiring services, we give the client a time estimate so they can plan around any expected disruption.