Fuse board Upgrades/Replacements

Alert Electrical provides clients with a range of professional fuse board repair services and fuse board upgrade services.
Our team specialise in domestic fuse board repairs.

Many homes in Dublin are fitted with old, inefficient fuse boards that are no longer fit for the electrical energy demands of the modern household.
Inefficient, out of date systems can end up costing the client an excessive amount in their annual energy bills. Our fuse board upgrades are modern, energy-efficient systems that can be seamlessly integrated with the property's pre-existing electrical system.
Our upgrades minimise downtime and ensure your home is fitted with a modern fuse boards that optimise performance while reducing or eliminating excessive energy consummation.

For additional information on our fuse board upgrades and fuse board replacements, get in contact with Alert Electrical today

For the best in professional fuse board upgrades and fuse board repairs, get in contact with Alert Electrical today.

Fuse Board Upgrades

Our service includes fuse board upgrades that replace old, out of date systems with modern energy efficient equivalents. Old fuse boards use excessive energy and are oftentimes not suited to the demands of the modern household. At worst, fuse boards can become a fire risk, especially if they are connected to worn or broken wires.
Our fuse board upgrade service upgrades a system, ensuring a household electrical system is safe, fit for purpose and energy efficient.
Every fuse board we install is fitted with the very latest safety features.

Does your home’s fuse board require an upgrade, get in contact with Alert Electrical today.

FAQ About Fuse Board Upgrades/Replacements

  • How often should I have my fuse board checked?

    All of your electrics should be inspected and tested every 10 years at least. This way, you will keep on top of any needed fuse board upgrades that may need to be done.

  • How much does fuse board replacements cost?

    At Alert Electrical, we specialise in both domestic fuse board replacements and fuse board upgrades. When you call us to your house, we will be able to tell you if you need to have your fuse board totally upgraded or if it just needs some replacements. Call our professional team today to learn how much fuse board upgrades cost.

  • Why should I get my fuse board replaced?

    When you call Alter Electrical for fuse board replacements or fuse board upgrades, you are making a decision to create a home that is more energy efficient. When our team upgrades your system, we know it will optimise the electrical performance, as well as reduce excessive energy consummation.