The most common types of electrical fires

Unfortunately, electrical fires kill and serious injury thousands of people every year.
Outdated wiring systems, the misuse of extension cords and even faulty sockets can be the root cause of electrical fires.

Outside of the tragedy of deaths, electrical fires also cost millions of euros in property damage every year. These figures are frustrating when you take into account that most of the common instances of electrical fires are completely preventable. In today’s blog, we’re going to outline the most common types of property fires and outline how they can be prevented.

Faulty Power Sockets
One of the major causes of electrical fires comes from a property’s power sockets. Loosely fitted power sockets or overloaded power sockets pose a serious fire risk. The warning signs everyone should be aware of when it comes to power sockets is listening for a sizzling sound when an appliance is plugged in. If the appliance's plug is hot to the touch after being in the power socket that is a major red flag. Commercial buildings usually have Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters which detect faults with power sockets. For homeowners we recommend contacting an electrician if you notice any of the following issues with your socket:

- A sizzling sound coming from a power socket
- The smell of melting plastic
- Burn marks on the outside of the socket
- Heat on the socket or around the socket
- Noticeable heat on appliance plugs

Old House Wiring System
Electrical fires due to out of date wiring are more common in properties over 25 years old. These fires can be due to the wiring not being installed correctly or the electrical system not being built to deal with the increased capacity. The best way to prevent house wiring system fires is to hire an electrician if your home or business property is more than 25 years old. An electrician should access the electrical system and if there is a danger of a fire may recommend basic updates or a full electrical house rewiring.

Misused or overloaded Extension Cords
Overloaded extension cords are a particular problem around Christmas time. When extension cords are overloaded they can become hot and can be dangerous. To prevent extension cord fires never overload an extension system. Never add an extension plug system to another extension cord as this can be very dangerous.

The above are just some of the reasons for electrical fires. However, if you have any concerns about your home or business's electrical system call Alert Electrical immediately. We offer everything from electrical house rewiring to fuse box replacements.